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Goshala Maskariputra

Goshala Maskariputra was the founder of Ajivikas sect. He was contemporary of Vardhman Mahavir and even remained his companion before the enlightenment of Mahavira. He disassociated himself from Mahavira on spiritual issue. Buddha, Mahavira and Goshala were contemporaries and the contemporary king was Ajatsatru of Maghadha.

Goshala Maskariputra died during the lifetime of Mahavira. However, Ajivikas became quite popular and received the royal patronage of the contemporary rulers. Later, Bindusara, the Mauryan king was the patron of Ajivikas whereas his father, Chandragupta Maurya converted to Jainism. Vishnu Gupt, the legendary Chanakya, the brain and spirit behind the removal of Greeks from India and establishment of Mauryan Dynasty over Maghdhan Empire, was also follower of Ajivika sect.

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