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Bimbisara, the first Historic Emperor of India

Bimbisara, according to Buddhist source, "Mahavamsa" ruled from 544 BC to 493 BC. According to Mahavamsa, the Buddhist source, he belonged to Haryanka dynasty. The capital of his empire was Rajgriha. He can be called the founder of Magadha Empire in true sense. Earlier, Magadha was merely a Mahajanapada wherein Kasi, Kosala and Avanti were far more powerful rules than Magadha. He was the first ruler to adopt the marriage as the foreign policy for spread the territories of his empire. He married Kasaladevi, the daughter of the king of Kosala. Kosaladevi was the sister of Prasenjit. Prasenjit had given Kasi in dowry to her sister Kasaladevi when she was married to Biimbisara. Hence, Kasi, Kosala and Magadha became a strong alliance during that period.

Bimbisara also married Chellana, the daughter of Lichchavi king Chetak.

Khema, the princess of Bhadra Desh (Western Punjab: East of Satulj) was the third wife of Bimbisara.

His fourth wife was Vaidhai Vasavi.

Darsaka, Kunika and Ajatsatru were his known and popular sons.

Bimbisara also used the policy of sword to extend his empire. He conquered Anga and killed the King Brahmadatta, ruler of Anga.

He maintained friendly relation with Avanti.

It is believed that his son Ajatsatru was highly impatient to ascend the throne of Magadha during the lifetime of Bimbisara. Ajatsatru imprisoned his father, King Bimbisara. Later, he repented but by that time, Bimbisara committed suicide.

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