Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Apad Dharma

Apad Dharma: It means the norms to be followed during the crises in life. The Western scholars has defined it as 'duty when in distress'. These norms and duties are specified in the Samriti literature. Under it, a person belonging to a class is suggested the alternative means of earning livelihood if he is faced with crises in life.

Remarks: Remark: The social aspects of Indian history or for that matter the whole of Indian history, remains restricted by the frames as envisaged, understood, explained and interpreted by colonial historians started by peculiar chapterization by J Mills history. Different variations in chapterization had taken place but some of the concepts invented and interpreted by colonial historians and then 'minus-religion' history of Marxist historians with their analytic paradigm consolidated them, remained as paranormal edifices of Indian society and guided the perception in modern and post modern academic field. No doubt, one of the shortcoming is the lack of efforts by the Indian scholars to present the history and social reality from Indian centric paradigms.

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Manu Smriti: A Sociological Analysis
Hindu scheme of things: Socio-political analysis of Manu-smriti
Manu-smriti [i.e. Manu-smrti] Notes

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