Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Karori/ Croories:
Karoor means one one million in Hindi (ten times ten lakhs.) "The Emperor Akbar 'thinking like a state" (James Scott)  tried to divide his dominions into units paying exactly 10 million copper coins ('daam') each. The experiment failed with some of the officials failing to collect that amount despite being imprisoned and beaten to encourage them to do so. The term continued to be used for a minor tac officer and became a honorific name among the business community. E.g. "Kirori Mal" who endowed a College of the same name in Delhi." Sumit Guha, Rutgers University

Acknowledgement and Reference:
The above definition is given by Sumit Guha, Rutgers University in response to a query on H-Asia, an email listing of H-Net available at   http://h-net.msu.edu/~asia/. The above definition was given on March 6, 2010.

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