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Shimla Deputation 1906

Shimla Depatation 1906:

On October 1, 1906, a group of Muslim representatives of Muslim elite of United Province and specifically from Aligarh, met the Viceroy Minto at Shimla. They sought separate electorates and representation in excess of numerical strength in view of their loyalty towards the defence of the Crown Empire in India.

Soon afterwards, in the month of December 1906, Muslim League was founded by Salimulla and the members of the deputation was found dominating the working of the Muslim League.

Special Note: Some of the books in India identify Shimla Deputation with Muslim League deputation. It is not correct to present it in that manner. It is important to note that when the deputation met, there was no Muslim League party in existence as such. The deputation met in June 1906. The party was formed in December 1906.


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  1. i like ur notes but can u add some more material....?

  2. The project is alive. The contents are related readings of original sources as per the requirement of the courses which I am dealing as well as the research papers which I write. More material will be added gradually. However, it can not committed that how much and how soon it will be done.

    Secondly, every entry is open to modification and addition and editing.

  3. Dear Anonymous writers,

    Kindly reveal your identity. Or you may define your identity like an interested student, or scholar or general reader etc.

    You may acquire a fake identity also.

  4. Nawab wanted Agha khan TO BE President merely for show as he was a big and honorable man but it was not so easy to win agha khan . the agha khan was leaning towards congress . In 1927 Aga KHAN disclosed the fact that towards the end of 1905 he was in favour of Muslims joining congress as reported in times of India , December 30 1927. He is not in favor of MUSLIMS STARTING a separate political organisation of their own . he thinks it is better to have one enemy than to have two.

    Anchit jain

  5. What is this Simla Deputation called? I mean, I want to see the original Deputation document. How do I search for it. My search so far has not reveled anything.

  6. Presently not in a position to give a satisfactory answer to your query.


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