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Indian Independence Committee 1915

Indian Independence Committee 1915
The Indian Independence Committee was formed by Indian revolutionaries who were working for the independence of India from the foreign countries. It was formed in 1915 in Berlin when the World War First was going on. It was formed to make arrangements to help the revolutionaries within India to fight the British administration. It is believed that it was being supported by German foreign office under the ‘Zimmerman Plan’. The leading members of the committee was Viendranath Chattopadhyay (Chatto), Bhupen Dutta, Lala Har Dayal Verma and others. It is more popular as Berlin Committee of Indian Independence in history text books in India.

The historians evaluate the forming of the Indian Independence Committee as one of the two main responses of the Indians patriots. In this case, it was the response of the revolutionaries for whom the starting of World War had given an opportunity to push out Britain out India. The second response was represented by Home Rule Movement, which ultimately favoured helping the British efforts in the world war and then latter use it for negotiation for getting political rights for Indians within India. In case of the activities of the revolutionaries with operational centre in foreign countries, they are generally shown as conspiracies. However, the Indian historians have not gone beyond that. After suggesting that they were part of some conspiracy, they have not taken conspiracy theories thesis to their logical conclusions. No doubt, they can not escape the responsibility of suggesting that though there had been conspiracies yet such acts had also contributed to the Indian freedom struggle. As a result apart from Indian Independence Committee fact, the Ghadrites, the Hindu Conspiracy Case 1918, Provincial Government of Free India at Kabul etc are all treated in that manner.


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