Sunday, March 22, 2009

Swadeshi Dacoities

Swadeshi Dacoities:
'Swadeshi Dacoities' is a phrase coined by Historians working on Indian history on the period of freedom struggle of India against the Imperial rule of Britain.

The historians who prefer to use this term refer under it to those activities of revolutionaries which included the fire arms methodology against the British rule in India. Under this phrase, the assassinations of British and Indian officials, traitors to the cause of the freedom struggle, the activities of looting of government treasuries for raising funds for the activities of the movement, are covered.

The term is mainly made popular by Marxist historians. The use of arms was part of the technique of the communist for bringing the revolution. Therefore, it is the evaluation of Indian History facts from ideological perspective and eye glasses of pure Marxist theorists who also write history. They have started using term 'terrorism' for the activities performed by the Indian nationalist who fought for the freedom of their motherland from the colonial rule of Britain.

It can be at the best called a historian's construct to build a historic myth. Such an evaluation is subjected to open criticism and discouraged.


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