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Officers Behind Bengal Partition in 1905

Officers Behind Bengal Partition in 1905.

There were four main British Officers who undertook the partition of Bengal.

They were William Ward, Andrew Fraser, H. H. Risley and Lord Curzon.

William Ward was the Chief Commissioner of Assam who moved the proposal of attaching Chittagong Division, Dacca and Mymensingh to Assam in 1896-97.

Andrew Fraser as the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal repeated the proposal of William Ward in note of March 28, 1903.

Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India of the time, included the note in his minute pm territorial redistribution in India on June 1, 1903.

Home Secretary H. H. Risley announced the partition of Bengal on December 3, 1903 in his letter to Lord Curzon.

Relief of Bengal and Improvement of Assam were the two benefits forwarded in the official version on the causes and need of the partition of Bengal.

The formal announcement of the partition of Bengal was made on July 19, 1905.

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