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Indian Communist Conference-December 1925

Indian Communist Conference December 1925:
Indian Communist Conference was held in December 1925. According the official view of the Communist Party of India as accepted in 1958, the Conference of 1925 marks the foundation of Communist Party of India.

The Conference was held in Kanpur. It was called after receiving a set back to numerous conspiracy cases like Peshawar Conspiracy Cases, Kanpur Bolshevik Conspiracy cases against the communism oriented Indians. It was organized by Satyabhakta. Hasrat Mohani, a known poet in pre-independence and and post-independence India was the chariman of the Rception Committee. Singaravely was its President.

Source: Sumit Sarkar, Modern India 1885-1947, 1990, Mcmillan, Madras. pp 249

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