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Premtosh Bose

Premtosh Bose
Premtosh Bose was a proprietor of a Printing Press in Calcutta. He was a pioneer labour leader in Bengal Province of British Empire in India. He played an active role in organising a Railwaymen's Union in East Indian Railway in 1906 when Bengal was agitating against the partition of Bengal.


  1. Great work..Dredging biographies of such rare personalities is a note-worthy effort... keep up the good work !

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    It would have been better if you reveal your identity.

    I take this opportunity to describe my actual activity. I believe that India as a nation suffers because of lack of documentation by the Indians themselves.

    The phrase 'Documentation of History of India by India' has been picked with care as earlier, whenever I have said that there is a need of rewriting of Indian history, I was identified with Revivalist Historians. The Revivalist Historians as a term is already in use with European and Western scholars and carries negation in its attempt. In case of India, the story is different. The struggle for freedom, spearheaded by Indian National Congress wherein political activities with the programme of getting civil rights, representations in Legislative assemblies, the franchise, participation in economic decision of the country was finally declared as the success of one single party. No doubt, they were able to earn the sympathies of the participants and non-participants Indians and full support also. However, there were other sets of people, somewhere identified with revolutionary groups, or communist group or simply the common man who identified himself with other fellow being because he was like him and worked like him and suffered like him, also contributed to raising the awareness of being ruled by aliens. However, such people, literate or illiterate, having right perception or motivated by spur of moment, or having a vision and plan or just reacted to endless misery and totally unplanned, also contributed to the thrust which pushed out the imperial rule. If India wants her history to depict her glorious past, then she must remember all of her children. You might have identified that I have started with revolutionaries mostly lesser known one to begin this project. Anyhow, the project is definitely getting into shape. Let us hope that bad luck may not get me before I am able to give a concrete shape to it. I am in no mood to complete it. The only aim is to explain that there is a need to rewrite the history of India.

    Once again, thanks.


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