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Samitis Movement

Samitis Movement
Samitis Movement is also called national volunteer movement (Do not confuse it with Rashtriya Swyam Sang). It started somewhere before the Swadeshi Movement which was basically an Anti-Bengal Partition Movement. The membership of Smitis increased with the rise of Swadeshi Movement. They were mainly open bdoies engaged in phusical and moral trainings of the youth of Bengal. They also participated in numerous social welfare activities expecially during antural calamities like spread of epidemics or famines.

According to a police report of 1907, there were 19 Samitis in Clcautta. However, such associations were more active in East Bengal. Accoerding to another police report of June 1907, there were 8485 members voerall, associated with different Samities in East Bengal.

Some of the main Samitis were Anti Circular Soceity of Clacutta, Barisal Swadeshi Bandhave of Aswinkumar Dutt having 170 village branches by 1909, Dacca Anusilan of Pulin Das etc.

Some historians have termed their activities as terrorist activities. It is against the craft of history to transport a concept of one time over to other time. Terrorism as a tool in hands of anomly groups and paradigm belongs to 1960s when the Muslim Brotherhood activities increased the use of arms and bombs. Hence, it is wrong to term the activities before that period in concept of paradigms which developed latter.

Sarkar Sumit, Modern India 1885-1947, 1990, macmillan publication, pp 119-121

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