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Farman: Farman was a royal order bearing the seal of the emperor during the Mughal period of Indian history. Every piece of official document was not a farman. A farman was an order directly from the Emperor.

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Siddiqi, Noman Ahmad, Land Revenue Administration Under the Mughals, 1989, ISBN 81-215-0477-X

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  1. Today farman could easily mean the order of the higher judiciary.

  2. Sir,
    I beg to differ with your interpretation. The definition in itself has the explanation.

    I have gone through your blog postings. I have respect for the brains trained to appreciate art as they are definitely intellectually more developed, receptive and perceptive. However, the act of reducing the inexpressive thoughts into words are different from the act of putting it on the canvas. The Post Modernism is a revolt against the supremacy of science which has given more importance to materialism and discarded Idealism. The people in the field of art deals with the thought in their pure form. But, they have to realise that giving linguist expression to the pure thought has its own rules and nuances. Your interpretation is not accepted.

    Those who are following this blog for UGC preparation should overlook the version given by MaheshC.


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