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Accused of Meerut Conspiracy Case 1929

There were thirty two accused in Meerut Conspiracy Case. The name of the accused were as follows.
1. Muzaffar Ahmed
2. Shaukat Usmani
3. Philip Spratt
4. S. V. Ghate
5. K. N. Joglekar
6. R. S. Nimbkar
7. Benjamin. F. Bradley
8. S. S. Mirajikar
9. Abdul Majid
10. Dharani Goswami
11. Gopen Chakravarty
12. Ajodhya Parsad
13. P. C. Joshi
14. Gopal Basak
15. G. M. Adhikari
16. Samsul Huda
17. M. G. Desai.
18. S. H. Jhabwalla
19. H. L. Hutchinson
20. R. R. Mitra
21. K. N. Sehgal
22. G. R. Kasle
23. Gauri Shankar
24. L. R. Kadam.
25. A. A. Alve.
26. D. R. Thengdi
27. S. A. Dange
28. S. S. Josh
29. Shibnath Bannerjee
30. Kishorilal Ghosh
31. B. N. Mukerji
32. Dharamvir Singh
Dharamvir Singh was pronounced not guilty. Shibnath Banneree, Kishorilal Ghosh and B. N. Mukerji were acquitted. D. R. Thendi of Bombay died during the course of the trial. Finally 28 of them were punished. The Sessions Judge R. L. Yorke in Sessions Court at Meerut passed the judgement which was reviewed and upheld with reduced punishments by Allahabad High Court. The advocate for the defendants was Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru. The Special Prosecutor for the Crown was Mr. M. I. Kemp. The Meerut Special Court delivered its verdict on January 17, 1933. The defendants appealed to the Allahabad High Court. The Allahabad High Court upheld the verdict of the Sessions Court Meerut and passed its verdict on August 13, 1933 with reduced sentences.

Source: Encyclopedia of Political Parties Volume 33-35, pp. 689-693, Om Parkash Ralhan (Edit).

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