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Mauza: As per Siddiqi, "The primary unit of land revenuw administration in the first half the eighteenth century was the mauza or a village."
In the Mughal Empire, the common people called a village goan or deh or pind. Hence, the word mauza was used in revenue records. In revenue records a mauza covered a specific 'arable land, abadi, pools, grooves grooves, nullahs, forests and waste land.(As per the contents of Dastur-ul-Amal-Alamgiri quoted in Land Revenue Administration Under the Mughals by N. M. Siddiqi)

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Authority: Siddiqi, N. M., Land Revenue Administration Under Mughals, ISBN 81-215-0477-X


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AvatarAvatarLand revenue administration under the Mughals, 1700-1750The Land Systems Of British India V1: Being A Manual Of The Land-Tenures And Of The Systems Of Land Revenue Administration Prevalent In The Several Provinces

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