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Duhsadhasadhanika: DUH-sdha saadhanika

Duhsadhasadhanika was a special officer employed by kings of ancient India to track down and apprehend bandits.

Authority Referred: A. L. Basham, Wonder That Was India

Remarks: They may be equated to Special Task Forces formed to apprehend the special categories of criminals like smugglers or drug mafia or economic offenders etc of the present days. Even 'Black Cat' forces may also be identified as similar to Duhasadhasadhanika. Well, it is my opinion. I have not found much elaboration on this term. It is found in A. L. Basham with some elaboration which is basis of the definition above.

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From the Vedas to the Manu-Samhita: A Cultural Study
Manu Samhita; English TranslationManu Samhita: English Translation [1909]

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