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Muhtasib: A chief of municipal administrator and police administration. He was generally a person well versed in quranic law and practices. However, he was next to qazi in hierarchy. His main functions were of policing of the markets. His main functions involved checking the weight, put check on the fraud, to check the quality of merchandise. His agent to the market was called arif. However, he could not sit judge on the dispute - a function which was performed by a qazi. Muhtasib in some books had been mentioned as morality police officer. It is also true. This post was quite significant in Market and Economic policy of Alauddin Khilji. Shiqdar -i- Shiqdaran was Malik Qabul who was placed under Diwan-i-riyasat. Diwan-i-riyasat was Malik Yakub, who was overall incharge and responsible for the implementation of the economic policy. In order to upgrade Malik Yakub over Malik Qabul, Malik Yakub was also designated as Muhtasib. J. L. Mehta writes Muhtasib-the censor of public morals.

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Print Source: Mehta, J. L., Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India, New Delhi, 1986

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The Delhi Sultanate: A Political and Military History (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization)History of Delhi SultanateThe Mughal Administration, Six Lectures

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