Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tabaqat i Nasiri

Tabaqat i Nasiri was written by Minhaj us Siraj Juzjani. It is the history of Islam in twenty three volumes. The history of Muslim rule in India starting from the description of Ghazni royal dynasties upto Balban and Sultan Nassiruddin and early days of Balban as a sultan is given in dedicated volumes. It contains details about Mongol invaders and their nature. It is written following the craft of history.

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Tabaqat-i Nasiri, ya, tarikh-i Iran va Islam
The History of India As Told By Its Own Historians - The Muhammadan Period - 2 Volumes Consisting of the Ghaznivide, Ghore and Slave Dynasties of 'Ifi, Nizami, Asir, Baizawi & Juwaini and the Ghaznivide, Ghore and Tabakat-i Nasiri of Minhaju-s Siraj

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