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amalguzar: The amalguzar was the head of the revenue establishment. There was another popular term for this post and that was Karori. It came into use during the reign of Akbar. The amalguzar was expected to collected one crore rupees per annum for the royal treasury. He also submitted report of revenue and expenditure to the provincial Diwan. He was authorized to give takavi loan during the famines and drought. The amalguzar was also authorized to maintain his militia (sehbandi) for collecting the revenue. Sideline elaboration: It is believed that the term karori became quite popular and the officers deputed as karori had influence over the area where they were posted. However, in practice, their job was tough as the yearly target of depositing 10 million rupees was too high. Even then, the post held fascination for the common masses. It became so popular that the people named their children as Karori Mal. It is believed that the Karori Mal College in Delhi is named as such after Seth Karori Mal.

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Authorities used: Medieval India: from Sultanat to the Mughals, Volume 2, By Satish Chandra

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The Mughal Empire (The New Cambridge History of India)Mughal-E-Azam/Mother IndiaThe Mughal Throne: The Saga of India's Great EmperorsThe Mughals of IndiaThe Mughal World: India's Tainted ParadiseThe Last Mughal

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