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Akhbarat: The literal meaning of Akhbar, the singular of Akhbarat, is newspaper. It was the news of Imperial Court or the Newsletters of the Mughal. The system was started by Akbar. There were fourteen scribes who undertook the work of recording minutes of the royal court proceedings every day. It included the minutes, the firmans and other papers which were presented to the royal court of Akbar. Then, multiple copies were prepared within a week and got approved by the Emperor. The copies were then made available to concerned officers and citizens. The copies were made available to the scholars who were patronized by Akbar. No doubt, the Mughal period is called the zenith of Medieval Historiography because of availability of such sources like Akbharat as well the work of established scholars. However, Aurangzeb made Akhbarat a confidential document. He discontinued the practice of making it accessible to every one. He even issued a proclamation in 1699 to ensure the confidentiality of Akhbarat.

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Authority used: J. L. Mehta, Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India. Vol II. New Delhi, 1998.

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