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As per the Mahayana School of Buddhism, Vajrapani is a Boddhistava. He holds a thunderbolt and thus called Vajrapani. Vajrapani means one who is holding a thunderbolt or a lightning rod in his hand. He is considered to be of a fierce nature. He destroys sins and evil. His attribute of holding of a thunderbolt is similar to the attribute of Indra, a Vedic God.

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Bodhisattva: Buddhism, Sattva, Bodhicitta, Buddhahood, Gautama Buddha, Avalokite?vara, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Ksitigarbha, Maitreya, Vajrapani, Bodhisattva vowsVajrapani and Consort Chagna Dorje Yab Yum ThangkaTsa Tsa Tibetan Buddhist VajrapaniPhurba Tibetan Bronze Winged VajrapaniTibetan Wood Wrathful Vajrapani Strong ProtectorVajrapani Tibetan Sky Bronze Flaming Vajrapani Protection AmuletTibetan Phurba Carved Wood VajrapaniVajrapani Tibetan Buddhist Handmade Brocade ThangkaTibetan Bronze Gilt Monastery Phurba VajrapaniPhurba Tibetan Bronze Vajrapani & StandTibetan Silver Vajrapani Axe PhurbaTibetan Silver Vajrapani Gilt Axe PhurbaTibetan Gilt Vajrapani Walking on SnakesTibetan Bronze Statue Vajrapani Wrathful Old GodTsa Tsa Buddhist Clay Relic Impression VajrapaniTibetan Wood Vajrapani Monastery Window ScreenTibetan Bronze Statue Vajrapani Dragon ThroneTibetan Vajrapani Silk Brocade ThangkaVajrapani Thanka PosterPhurba Vajrapani Museum Quality MeteoritePhurba Tibetan Museum Quality Vajradhara Vajra Mudra PhurbaTibetan Silver Garuda Buddha Redpoll & Naga Conch Shell

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