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Sukhavati: Sukhaavati
According to Mahayana School of Buddhism, Sukhavati is the heavens where the Arhants reach. It has been interpreted as 'Happy Land' by A. L. Basham.

Sukhavati is presided over by Amitabha or Amityus. Amitabha is Sambhogakaya of the Divine Buddha. The historic Buddha, which was the Nirmankaya of Divine Buddha which exist as Dharamkaya, after attaining Nirvana, came to Sukhavati. Now, it presides over Sukhavati. There, Buddha as a Amitabha or Amityus is a Father in Heaven. Amitabha, like a Boddhistava takes interest in the present universe.

There is lake in Sukhavati, where the blessed one reappear in form of Lotus buds. When Amitabha, touches the buds, the blessed one gets rebirth in Sukhavati and then lives on listening to nourishing words of Amitabha.

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Visions of Sukhavati: Shan-Tao's Commentary on the Kuan Wu-Liang Shou-Fo Ching (Suny Series in Buddhist Studies)The Larger Sukhavati-VyuhaThe Smaller Sukhavati Vyuha and The Sutra of Visualizing The Buddha of Immeasurable Length of LifeTibetan Wood Thangka Amitabha BuddhaNianfo: Pure Land, Mahayana, Buddhism, Buddha, Amit?bha, India, Infinite Life Sutra, Sandhi, SukhavatiThe Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra: A General ExplanationApproaching the Land of Bliss: Religious Praxis in the Cult of Amitabha (Studies in East Asian Buddhism, 17)Amitabha: A Story Of Buddhist Theology [1906]Buddha Amitabha - Collectible Buddhism Sculpture Figurine Buddhist

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