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Sharqi Dynasty of Jaunpur

Sharqi Dynasty of Jaunpur (1399-1500)

Sharqi Dynasty was established by Sultan Mubarak Shah in 1399. Sultan Mubarak Shah was an adopted son of Malik Sarwar Khwaja Jahan, an eunuch. Malik Sarwar was made the administrator of Jaunpur by Muhammad Tughluq. When Tughluq dynasty was destroyed by Amir Timur Lang, Malik Sarwar became the defacto ruler. However, he died in 1399 and succeeded by his adopted son Mubarak Shah. Mubarak Shah took up the title of Sultan and established the Sharqi dynasty after the title of Malik Sarwar which was Sultan ush Sharq. Shultan ush Sharq means the Lord of the East.

Jaunpur was established by Firoze Shah in memory of his cousin Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq whose actual name was Jauna Khan. The area was under Zafarabad, a personal jagir of Zafar Khan, the third son of Ghiasudin Tughluq. Muhammad bin Tughlug (Jauna Khan) was the eldest son of Ghiasudin Tughluq.

After the death of Sultan Mubarak Shah in 1402, his younger brother Ibrahim Shah ascended the throne of Sharqi Dynasty of Jaunpur. It was the golden period of Sharqi dynasty and Jaunpur established its name as Shiraz of India being a great centre of Islamic culture and learning developed under the patronage of Sultan Ibrahim Shah.

Sultan Ibrahim Shah Sharqi ruled upto 1436 and on his death in 1436, his son Muhmud Shah ascended the throne. He married the daughter of Alauddin Alam Shah Sayyad of Delhi. He ruled up to 1457 and on his death in 1457, his son Muhammad Shah ascended the throne. Sultan Muhammad Shah faced the opposition of his younger brother backed by an opposing court party and was killed. The younger brother of Muhammad Shah, Sultan Hussain was installed on the throne. Sultan Bahlol Lodhi of Lodhi dynasty, who established his dynasty in 1451 after killing Alauddin Alam Shah, the father in law of Sultan Muhmud Shah Sharqi, started invading Jaunpur. After a prolong struggle, he was able to remove Sutlan Huassain Shah who escaped to south Bihar and died there in 1500. With that, the Sharqi dynasty came to an end by 1500.

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