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According to Mahayana School of Buddhism, Maitreya is Boddhistava. He is the future Buddha. He is a of gentle nature. His nature is opposite of Vajrapani. In Hindu Philosophy, under Vaishnavite school, the future avatara is Kalkai. He is highly worshiped.

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Maitreya's Distinguishing Phenomena and Pure Being: Commentary by MiphamGolden Maitreya Buddha European Beads - Pandora Bead & Bracelet CompatibleMaitreya: The Future BuddhaParsons: Maitreya - The Future BuddhaMaitreya's Teachings: The Laws of LifeLord Maitreya Tapestry Throw BlanketTibetan Silver Statue Cloisanne Buddha Amoghasiddhi MaitreyaBuddha Nature: The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra with CommentaryBuddha Nature: The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra with CommentaryMaitreya Buddha European Bead Religious - Pandora & Bracelet CompatibleMaitreya by Mahayana . Size 15.75 X 19.75 Art Poster Print on CanvasMiddle Beyond Extremes: Maitreya's Madhyantavibhanga with Commentaries by Khenpo Shenga and Ju Mipham

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