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Diwan-i-Bayutat: He was the head of Kharkhanas. This post is mentioned during the Delhi Sultanate times. The kharkhanas included the factories and stores maintained by the central government. The officer on the post was also responsible purchasing and maintaining pearls, weapons, daggers, and artillery. He also looked after maintaining horses, elephants and beast of burden for transporting things. He was also responsible for procuring items for the royal household. Diwan-i-Bayutat is mentioned in case of Delhi Sultanate period as well as Akbar but the post of Mir Sama or Khan-i-Sama was not mentioned. The later two terms started appearing from the period of Jahangir and Shahjahan and became quite important and influential.

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Authorities used: Medieval India: from Sultanat to the Mughals, Volume 2, By Satish Chandra

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Medieval India from Sultanat to Mughals: 1206-1526 Part 1

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