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Manjushri is a Boddhishtava as per the Mahayana School of Buddhism. He carries a sword in one hand and a book in other. He stimulates understanding. The book in his hand, carries ten Paramitas. The Paramtias are the virtues which are found developed in a Boddhistavas.

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Five Meditation Buddha (Pancha Dhyani Buddha) Tibetan Buddhism Buddha Statues From NepalThe Nectar of Manjushri's Speech: A Detailed Commentary on Shantideva's Way of the BodhisattvaCasted Stone Aged Red Manjushri StatueBodhisattva Manjushri - Thanka PosterTibetan Buddhism: Copper Manjushri StatueTibetan Purple Bronze Statue Future Buddha ManjushriClose-up of Gold Relief Carving of Manjushri, Bodhgaya (Bodh Gaya), Bihar State, India, Asia Photographic Poster Print by James Gritz, 12x16Mantra For Difficulties In Learning And Concentration (Buddha-Manjushri)

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