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Humanyun Namah

Humanyun Namah: Gulbadan Begum authored Humanyun Namah.

The manuscript by her is titled "Ahwal Humanyun Padshah Jamakhardah Gulbadan Begum Bint Babar Padhsah Umma Akbar Padshah". A simple English translation of the title is, "the account of the Emperor Humanyun compiled by Gulbadan Begam, a daughter of Padshah Babar and paternal aunt of Padshah Akabr."

In the title, Bint means a daughter and Umma mans paternal aunt of Bhuaa of Akbar Padhshah. Gulbadan Begum was daughter of Babur from Dildar Begum. Humanyun, son of Babur was from Mahim Begum. Hence, Gulbadan Begum was a half sister of Humanyun.

The language of the work is Persian with liberal use of Turkish words. The work is a major source on the actual fratricidal conflict between Humanyun and his brother Kamran.

Akbar had invited Gulbadan Begum to Hindustan in 1557 from Kabul. She remained in Hindustan and died there in 1603. Gulbadan Begum had collected the incidences of the family on the request of Akbar, a task of writing chronicles and history which Akbar had, as a policy, assigned to numerous scholars of his time. However, the contents are of an average literary quality but definitely a major source on the family affairs of Humanyun and his persona.

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