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Satri: Satree

Satri was a special cadre of spies found mentioned in Arthshastra. The term is generally translated as a class mate or a colleague.

The members of this cadre were trained since their childhood for the purpose of spying. they were mainly orphans recruited for the job. they moved around as saints or astrologers - the two classes of people in whom the people confide the hidden secrets.

Special Note:
Arthshastra has mentioned nine types of spies among whom Satri is one of them. The others are Kaptaik Chhatra - fraudulent disciple, Udasthitha - a recluse, Grihapatik - a householder, Tikshna - a fire brand, Rasada - a prisoner, Vaidekhaka - a merchant, Tapasa - an ascetic practising austerities and a mendicant women.

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