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Masnavis are narrative composition in Persian. In India, this form of literature became popular in Deccan where the language used was Urdu.

Some of the historic works are found in form of Masnavis. As an example, the name of Futuhus Salatin by Khwaja Abdullah Malik Isami wherein he wrote the history of Turkish rule in Indian from Ghazni invasion to Muhammad bin Tughluq can be quoted. Another important work in that format is of Shahnama of Firdausi. Similarly there is a title Shahnama i Islam by Hafiz Jullundhari.

Over and above all masnavis of Amir Khusrau like Qiran us Sa'adain, Mitfahul Futuh, Tarikh i Ilahi and Dewal Rani Khizr Khani can be quoted as reference.

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Remark: Masnavis are couplet which are rhymed. They follow the pattern of aa, bb, cc, and the writer may continue to recite couplets and narrate a story. The author of this blog have come across some old people who had received their education in tradition manner before partition who remembered the history of any area in form of couplets. They continue to recite the reign of a king or the significance of different cities in form of highly catching couplets. However, such to references are not found mentioned in any of the work of recent historians. They follow the craft of history as outlined by Western Thinkers. However, this format of history narration is not given any importance. It can be called a failure of Indian Historiography and University based research methods.

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