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Man Bai

Man Bai: Shah Begam wife of Nuruddin Muhammad Jahangir Padshah Gazi and mother of Prince Khusrau

Man Bai was daughter of Raja Bhagwan Dass son of Raja Bihari Mal of Amber. Man Bai was married to Nuruddin Muhammad Jahangir Padshah Gazi on February 13, 1585. She was titled Sham Begam after her marriage. Prince Khusrau, the eldest son of Jahangir was born to her. However, the first child of the couple was a daughter named Sultan un Nisa Begum. Shah Begum (Man Bai) committed suicide in 1604 when Khusrau was projected as heir apparent to Akbar and supported by Raja Man Singh, (brother of Shah Begam) and Mirza Aziz Koka, the father in law of Khusrau. The relation between son and father became strained when Prince Khusrau was projected as a candidate for throne after Akbar and became the cause of suicide of Shah Begum (Man Bai).

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Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri or Memoirs of JahangirThe Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri; Or, Memoirs of Jahangir. Translated by Alexander Rogers. Edited by Henry Beveridge

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