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Sutta Pitaka

Sutta Pitaka
Sutta Pitaka is one of the three sections of the Tripitaka, the Buddhist literature of the Sathaviravada (Theravada) school of Buddhism written in Pali.

The word Sutta in Pali is corresponding to the word Sutra in Sanskrit.

Pitaka is the Palli word for Basket.

The English translators had called it the sermon book. (A. L. Basham) It can be called as the basket of Sermons.

The Sutta Pitaka is the 'largest and the most important' (A. L. Basham) of the books of Tripitaka.

The Sutta Pitaka (Sermons Book) has five Nikayas or Sections or Group.

The five Nikayas of Sutta Pitaka are

a. Digha Nikaya or Long Section which contains the sermons directly by Buddha and also the description of the circumstances in which he gave those sermons.

b. Majjihm Nikaya or Medium Section. Majjim, as it can be easily understood by Hindi speaking people, means, the medium. Digha means long.

c. Sanyutta Nikaya or Connected section.

d. Angutra Nikaya or Graduated Section. It has nearly 2000 statements divided in to eleven section. The section one has only one statement. Section two has two statements. Section three has three statements. In this way, it is a graduated section. On the final count, there are more than 2000 statements. Each of the eleven sections contains statement only on one topic.

e. Kudhaka Nikaya or the Minor section. It is called minor section but it contains numerous works in verse as well as in prose. The prominent works are Dhammapada or Verses on Virtues, Theragathas and Therigathas.Theragathas are the Hymns of the Elder Monks. The Therigathas are Hymns of the Nuns. It also contain Jatak Kathas narrated by Bhuddhagosha in prose along with verses.

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Authority Referred: A. L. Basham, 'Wonder That Was India'.

Remarks: To be substantiated in future from other sources

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