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Baburnama (Memoirs of Babur)

Baburnama or Memoirs of Babur was authored by Zahir ud Din Muhammad Babur or simply Babur. The European shcolars invariably write as Babur, the first Mughal Emperor of Hindustan.

The book is written in a local dialect of Farghana falling under Samarqand and called Chaghtai Turki. The title has also be styled as Tuzuk-i-Baburi or Waqiat Baburi.

The books is a personal memoirs of Babur which he started writing at the age of 12 years. The last entry is dated September 7, 1529 or Muharram 3, 936 AH (Al Hizari).

The book is also available in translation in different languages. The grandson of Babur, Emperor Akbar got it translated in Persian by Painda Khan and also by Abdur Rahim Mirza. In English translation, the most poplar translations are by Leyden and Erskine, then by L. King (1922) and Mrs. Annette Susannah Beveridge or A S Beveridge.

The title of A. S. Beveridge translation is Memoirs of Babur by Zahir ud Din Muhammad Babur Ghazi 2 volumes. Beveridge's translation is more popular and acceptable in intellectual circle as it was directly translated from the original Turki text. The translations by Leyden and Erskine and by L. King were from Persian translation of Abdur Rahim Mirza.

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