Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tajul Ma' thsir

Taj ul Ma' athir was written by Tajud Din Hasan Nizami, an official of the court of Qutbuddin Aibek. The author wrote this work on the order of the Sultan Aibek. The significance of this work is that it begins with the Battle of Tarain event. It means, that among Arabic and Persian source, it is the first narrative of history which starts with the beginning of Muslims rule in India. The author has used a mixture of Arabic and Persian language which imparts it a different character. It remained most sought after book during the major period of Muslim period because of the interesting contents and presentation. It describes about many social and cultural aspects of contemporary time. For example, it narrates the feature of a mirror, the game of chess and champad and then numerous fruits which were popular then. The book covered the period of Muslim rule in India from 1191 to 1217. It has not discussed must about Central Asian political events.

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Taj ul ma'athir =: Crown of glorious deeds

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