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Kinds of Marriages in Ancient India

Kinds of Marriages in Ancient India:
According to Grihya Sutra, there were eight kinds of Marriages in Ancient period of Indian History. The are listed as below:
1. Brahma Marriage
2. Prajapatya Marriage
3. Arsha Marriage
4. Daiva Marriage
5. Gandharva Marriage
6. Asura Marriage
7. Rakhas Marriage
8. Paisach Marriage

The Grihya Sutras had accorded approval for Brahma Marriage, Prajapatya Marriage, Arsh Marriage and Daiva Marriage.

The Dharam Sutra of Gautam, Baudhayana and Vasishta approve all the eight kinds of marriage. However, the Dharam Sutra by Apastamba refers only to six of them and excluded the Rakhas and Paisach marriages.

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