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Abu Fazal: Works (Writings)

Abu Fazal:
Abu Fazal son of Sheikh Mubarak and brother of Abul Faiz alias Faizi had to his credit following works:

1. Akbarnama in three volumes. It contains an account of the reign of Akbar upto his 42nd year of reign. It was continued by Muhammad Salih who continued the account to the 50th year of the reign of Akbar.

2. Ain-i-Akbari originally in one volume and one of the volume of Akbarnama. The Persian text as edited by H. Blochmann and published by Asiatic Society of Bengal, is in two volumes.

3. Ruqat-i-Abul Fazl consists of letters by Abul Fazal written to members of royal family and the emperor Akbar.

4. Muktubat -i- Allami or Insha -i- Abul Fazl consists of drafts of farmans which was issued by Akbar, letter to foreign dignitaries and emperors, petitions and blue prints of policy matters presented to the Emperor and his own personal views and some miscellaneous subjects.

Digital Sources: For Translations of original text of Akabarnama Check Abu Fazal at The Packard Humanities Institute.
Also Check sumir-history for further references and comments.

Authority referred: J. L. Mehta, Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India.


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